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PresidentNiki Embarrassing Moments | Follow Her Journey to TikTok Stardom

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PresidentNiki Embarrassing Moments | Follow Her Journey to TikTok Stardom

TikTok dancer is one way to describe PresidentNiki. The truth is more complex and her dance moves are living poetry.

PresidentNiki dancing her precious heart out in Tampa, Florida

PresidentNiki Is a model and a passionate dancer who has grown to stardom by being unique and true to herself. One thing that makes her stand out is that she takes a path far away from being just a typical influencer with highly curated videos and photos or portraying social media perfection. Niki is one energetic and bubbly soul; it has to miss out on how much she loves dancing and how she brightens wherever she goes with her aura full of liveliness.

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So, in one of her posts on YouTube, she tries to tell a story about how she had such a big embarrassing moment. In the video, PresidentNiki admits that at the time she was telling the story, enough time had passed, and she could speak out about the whole experience. Well, she attributed this experience to the timing of her birth; see, she was born in November 2001, which means that at the time 911 took place, she was not alive. Besides, she says she has lived in Florida and Ukraine for most of her life and has never been to New York. She admits making jokes and bragging about not being alive at the time of the unfortunate event. However, this is quite the opposite with her friend Sam Page, who was at school when it happened. By coincidence, Sam has lived most of her life in New York. If anything, she has been trying harder to educate Niki on one or two things about 9/11.

So, the story goes, PresidentNiki visits New York twice a year, and it is usually just around the time of 9/11, which coincidentally is the fashion week. So technically, every year, Niki finds herself in New York, yet she always forgets how much weight that day is given in New York. Like most non-New Yorkers, Niki can be cut some slack; for a fact, her knowledge of the 9/11 incident is limited to what was taught in her school, which did not cover much. In fact, she admits not having any idea whether it was a trade center, pentagon (or hexagon)-very Niki there.

So, on this fateful day, she was running to catch a flight back home. It was on a Monday early in the morning. Niki tried to rush her way through the checkpoints, but she noticed the entire place was abnormally quite. Knowing she was cleared she confidently moved past the line, but everywhere she got everyone was standing still and quite. Niki Thought maybe they could have been waiting for security or something. By the time she realized that she had been running up and down while everyone else was on a moment of silence, it was the cringest moment. Took a whole to recover from that.

PresidentNiki is a famous American TikToker with a Ukrainian background.

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