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Niki grew her popular TikTok account by regularly featuring her exceptional dance skills. Rather than perfectly copying many popular TikTok dance trends, Niki improvises and creates her own original dances.

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Read PresidentNiki's bio! PresidentNiki is a TikTok superstar impressing her fans and followers with her legendary dance moves. Posting 3 videos weekly, Niki is sure to impress with her energetic stance and her exciting personality. Let Niki teach you how to perform her Too Hot for Tik Tok dance moves with 10 minutes of amazing content.

PresidentNiki is a confident model who believes that dancing and smiling are the best ways to light up the world and bring joy to all. Referring to herself as President Niki, she takes the lead in matters of the heart and aims to bring happiness to all her followers.

Niki is a well-known TikTok dancer believes in being confident about who you are and wishes that all women would celebrate their beauty. You will find PresidentNiki on Instagram, where she flaunts her curves in the latest swimwear with backdrops from the beach to the poolside.

Her favorite thing to do is to post selfies and to share her travels with her followers. No matter where she goes, you are sure to find PresidentNiki updating her social media with the perfect pose. Whether she’s dancing on TikTok or adding her latest fitness image to Instagram, Niki encourages her followers to feel confident and empowered. She focuses on celebrating beauty in all shapes and sizes.

You will find PresidentNiki dancing on TikTok or showing off her signature white sneakers on Instagram. Every dance created by Niki is 100% original as she steers away from the norm and instead produces her own choreography, much to the appreciation of her fans.

With her underlying message to always be beautiful and her positive attitude, Niki is proud to introduce her Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok channels to her loyal and new followers. You can join Niki in her new dance routines or updated photographs when you follow her across her social media. Be sure to check out her latest updates in her premium content store created exclusively for her members. With Niki for president, every day will be filled with smiles and happiness.


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