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PresidentNiki and the Worst Purchases She Ever Made

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PresidentNiki and the Worst Purchases She Ever Made

PresidentNiki is a Tiktok all-star, known for her original dance moves

PresidentNiki recording dance videos in Florida

PresidentNiki is a highly energetic and live person who loves dancing. But that is not even close to what she stands out for; there are several, for she is a curvy model. Niki is also an influencer and content creator who loves entertaining and interacting with her fans. She does make different kinds of content, but I find her storytelling skills to set her apart from the many influencers we graced with at this age. Niki is a good storyteller who can pick out a very ordinary event in her life, breathe liveliness into it, and make it the start of a very interactive moment with her fans.


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One of the stories worth looking at is the video she posted on YouTube about the worst purchases ever made. We have been down that road, threw a sizable investment on things we would shortly regret. This is even worse for people who easily give in to impulse purchases, and fortunately for us, Niki happens to be the most terrible among them ( more stories for us, of course!)

PresidentNiki talks about many bad purchases she regrets shortly after. But at the top of the list was the decision to buy an electric bike. Before we judge her, let's walk through her thought process. She lives in Miami, South Beach,  a place she describes as hard to drive around. It is expensive and hard to get parking spaces, and so on. So what does she do? She thinks, how about getting a bike? Of course, there are free bikes offered at her apartment, but... you guessed it right; they are always taken.

So, getting a bike would do it. But again, Niki is not much of a bike-riding person; she thinks an electric bike would save her the trouble. She had had an electric skate before- well before things went south, and she swore never to come close to skates. As we would all do, she goes through thousands of reviews and searches before she settles on one. Budget? $1000. It's not so bad, considering the reviews.

But again, $1000 is a lot, and it won't be wise to risk losing the bike to thieves. She spent another day reviewing reviews to pick the best lock that cannot be easily picked (see what I did there). Another $200 was thrown on it.

So, over $1200 worth of bike. She rides it once, maybe twice, before a friend borrows it. The next time she checked, the front tire was punctured badly. She is faced with another difficult task. It is too heavy and big to fit in her car or even Uber XL. She can't just push it to the repair shop. She ends up stuck with something she can't use. Every time Niki walks into her house, her poor life choices would mock her on her porch. It wasn't long before she decided it was too ugly to be there and should consider just giving it away to her parents. $1200 just gone like that!

PresidentNiki comes from Florida

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