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PresidentNiki: Answering everyone and clearing up your assumptions about me

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PresidentNiki: Answering everyone and clearing up your assumptions about me
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Hi, My name is President Niki, and I hope you are having a great day. I love interacting with my fans in so many ways. I find it more fulfilling listening to you all, and I know you guys have a lot of questions and assumptions about me. Other than my usual content ( vlogs, try-on hauls, and dance videos), I occasionally dedicate a segment to answering some of those questions. In this part, I will cover some of the questions I received ( 2021). Some are cringy, but that is where all the fun is.
1. How old are you
Great question; I just happen to have my birthday. I am 20 years old. I know I have several birthdays out there, but if you wanna check it out, it is corrected now.
2. What is your take on sex?
Uh, I am not giving any, so I am not taking any either. That is all that is to say about my take on sex.
3. What are certain things that you find attractive in a person?
I find shoulders attractive. I like funny people; if you are not funny, you are not for me. I like confident people and those who communicate their feelings.
4. If you had to move to a cold state, which one would it be and why?
If I were to choose a cold state, I might as well go big or go home, so my first choice would be Alaska. I am also considering New York. I would love to think of myself as a New York girl. I want to Zoom and go places.
5. How are you so gorgeous? What is your skin and makeup routine?
I will be honest with you about this. It is just about washing your skin as much as you can with a gentle cleanser and then just moisturizing. I also put on acne dots at night, and that is my main skincare routine. If you find it lovely, then I can proudly recommend it.
PresidentNiki dance videos6. What made you start dancing?
Well, I have been distancing since I was four. It feels like I have been doing it all my life, and it's something that evokes happiness and allows me to use my body to tell stories and convey feelings with my face and my body. Also, I moved around a lot as a child, so I felt it was one thing that I was consistent with. So yeah, there it is.

7. What are the goals for 2022?
I would definitely want to make more money, inspire more people, get a house, get a significant other, and love myself. Those are my goals.
8. Favorite vacation spot?
Anywhere near water would do it for me.
9. How much do you weigh?
I dont know, and I am not allowed to know.
10. Have you ever had your toes sucked?
Uh, this is a great one (I did not see it coming). No, I have not. Never have.
11. Where would you want to go or travel to that you have not been able to yet?
I want to go to Greece. That's the next destination on my list. I want to go to Hawaii. I also wish to go to Loki in Australia.
12. Do you meet your subscribers?
Yes, if they are in front of me.
13. You have reached your 20s. What are the plans for your 30s?
I am very conscious about money. I already saved a lot, but I would love to be able to save more. I have this thing that I would rather pay someone to do something for me than break my life trying to do it on my own.
14. How tall are you?
I get this a lot, and I think they did this on purpose because they actually know how tall I am, so congrats to them for this (puts on a smirk). I would say I am mediocrely tall.
15. How is life?
It is also mediocre ( laughs)
16. Do you have any aspirations?
I need a stop sign right now. Um, aspirations... I aspire to be happy and bring happiness to others.
17. What is your mental health like?
It is like a garbage can that has been lit with fire then fireworks added to it. as if not enough, it was thrown into a river.
18. What is your biggest fear?
My biggest fear is loneliness.
19. Why are you single?
I dont have anything on that.
20. What kind of things should I look forward to subscribing to your Patreon?
Nothing specific. But I would say more than what I post on my regular social media account. Anyway, expect a ton of more ass, and I would say more video content. I already filmed some today, and they are great. There are more bikinis and so much more.
That is all for the questions. I love you so much. See you on the next one.

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