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Living by Design with Actress, Model, and Artist Alysha Grace Marko

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Living by Design with Actress, Model, and Artist Alysha Grace Marko

Alysha Grace MarkoAlysha Grace Marko’s creative style extends to design as well. The AMRM Gallery also has a boutique that sells original merchandise designed from the art of the artists that it exhibits. The link in bio of the AMRM Gallery contains the link to the AMRM Gallery Boutique . There you can find a carefully curated selection of apparel, accessories and housewares embossed with the design, taken from the galleries most famous paintings.

On the shop’s website, Alysha Grace Marko has carefully selected items as “top picks” demonstrating her great taste. Items such as swimsuits, track pants, tote bags, bucket hats, water bottles and scarves as well as pillowcases are available for purchase on the site. Her talent as an artist extends to decorative design. Alysha models a button down shirt emblazoned with the painting “The Counter Jungle: Conquest of Fear,” which is exhibited at the gallery. The AMRM boutique is also now available in Sag Harbor, as Alysha Grace Marko showcases it on her featured instagram stories.

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Alysha Grace shares her creative process with her followers on instagram, in a reel titled “Feeling Sketchy” “The beginnings of a figurative oil painting with Alysha Marko”. In the reel she shared herself sketching out an idea that will later become an oil painting.

She shows herself sketching with charcoal as she demonstrates her artistic process. Alysha Grace is innovative in the way she shares her art through the medium of decorative design. Clothing and housewares designed with the images of paintings from her gallery, is a very original idea. Alysha is artistic in everything that she does, from her paintings, to her gallery and her photography, theatrical acting and the way that she poses in front of the camera as a model. She is as creative behind the camera as she is in front of the camera. Alysha Grace’s photos of New York, as displayed on her instagram posts, are iconic. As seen through an artist’s eyes, New York City is captured iconically by Alysha Grace.

Her painting and photography are forms of self expression for Alysha Grace Marko. The shows that Alysha puts on in her gallery are a creatively interactive experience. She shares the openings from the AMRM Gallery New York’s latest exhibitions in her instagram reels. Alysha Grace also shares how she puts together the exhibits. Alysha gives her followers a look behind the scenes as she paints and prepares for her art to be exhibited in the show.

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